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Abigail Fraser's Sexy Panty Show

Story: Don't you just love striptease? I know I do. I enjoy watching girls strip at local clubs and I love to do it myself. I have even gotten on stage on amateur
nights and stripped. I always seem to be a hit because I am the only girl in a garter belt and stockings with real panties. Most of the girls are bare legged and
wear thongs. Men seem to enjoy my panties so I thought I would strip for you.

I start out in a very sheer, very short slip so you can see my stocking tops and all my underwear shows through. I bend over to give you a great view of my panty
lines and my bra strap is very visible because it is not even covered by my slip. I slowly lift my slip to show you my big red bikini panties and garter belt. Then
I stand right above you so you can look up between my legs and see my panties, front and back. Then I take off my slip and you can look up at leopard print push up
bra, which is way too small and my huge boobs are falling right out. Still standing, I bend over and play with my vibrator. You are right up close to my panties now
and can watch me push them into my ass with my finger as I masturbate with my vibrator. I know this makes you horny and I want you masturbating as well because you
can watch me cum, standing up in my panties with my vibrator pushed up my pussy with little rabbit ears buzzing my clit. I hope that was very, very good for you.

Site: http://www.abigailfraser.com/