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housewife kelly-Dirty Laundry

Story: I was doing laundry the other day and my husband busted me getting myself off in the laundry room. I was pressing my pussy up against the washing machine
while it was vibrating on spin cycle. I do that pretty much every time I do the laundry. I have really good orgasms that way! Anyway, I didn't want to stop so
even though I was a little embarrassed when he walked in on me, I continued and let him watch me until I had my orgasm which was very intense by the way: The
only problem was that Shawn got so turned on from watching me hump the washing machine that his cock was rock hard and now he wanted to cum! So….being the caring
wife that I am, I got down on my knees right there in the laundry room and sucked a big load of cum out of his cock for him. He was really turned on from watching
me so it didn't take very long to make him cum. I took his whole load right in my mouth. It was a big one too! I named the video, "Dirty Laundry" hehe. I hope you
all enjoy it! xoxo-Kelly

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